Parks & Recreation

Recreation Center Amenities

Perhaps the one thing most residents enjoy is the beautiful recreation center, swimming pools and clubhouse, including the fitness and exercise facility and the tennis courts. Access is limited to residents and their guests, pursuant to the District’s adopted policies regarding these amenities.


  • for cards to access the recreation center?
  • if my access card is not working?
  • to report damaged or non-working fitness equipment?

For these and other items related to the recreation center, please call the District Office at 407-566-1935 or 407-566-4122 (direct line) and Diana will assist you.


Important Information

All residents agree to abide by the rules and policies as adopted by the Board of Supervisors to remain in good standing and to be able to enjoy all the recreational facilities. If you notice any suspicious or inappropriate behavior at these facilities, please contact the District Office so we may address it.

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