Aquatic Maintenance

Aquatic Weed Control

The District maintains the stormwater retention areas within VillaSol, a major function that includes controlling the aquatic weeds within the waters. The District currently has a contract with Applied Aquatic to perform these functions, which includes monthly inspections and treatment of aquatic weeds and algae within the stormwater ponds and canals.

Treatments include hand removal of algae and applying chemical treatments to noxious species as needed, based on regular observations.

Key Benefits

  • Visually interesting stormwater retention ponds and canals
  • Fully functioning stormwater management system
  • Compliance with permits the District has with other governmental agencies
  • Healthier food chain in the aquatic system for other wildlife
  • Help control mosquito population with the reduction in weeds and algae

What Residents Can Do

  • Do not fertilize the pond or lake
  • Do not apply lawn fertilizers closer than 20 feet from the shoreline
  • Do not blow lawn clippings into the pond or lake or into the street where it can run through the drainage system

Some of the problems caused by aquatic weeds are as follows:

  • Interfere with or prohibit recreational activities
  • Detract from the aesthetic appeal of a body of water
  • Stunt or interfere with a balanced fish population
  • Fish kills due to the removal of too much oxygen from the water
  • Produce quiet water areas that are ideal for mosquito breeding
  • Certain algae can give water bad taste and odor
  • Impede water flow in drainage ditches, irrigation canals, and culverts, causing water to back up
  • Deposition of weeds, sediment, and debris can cause bodies of water to fill in

(suggestions and problems provided by Carole A. Lembi, Aquatic Weed Specialist, Purdue University)

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