The District has a contract with Inframark, Infrastructure Management Services to provide Field Management Services for the VillaSol CDD. Part of that scope of services includes managing the contractors who perform other common area maintenance activities, including the following areas.

Parks and Recreation

VillaSol CDD offers recreational amenities, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, small park areas, and a clubhouse that includes fitness equipment and a meeting room. These facilities are available for all residents and their guests as explained further in the rules of procedure regarding the recreation center. The meeting room at the clubhouse is available to be reserved for parties and private events on a first-come, first-served basis. Field Management Services include management of the on-site staff during the hours the recreation center is open, maintenance of the pool and clubhouse amenities, maintenance of the tennis courts and other park amenities, and issuance of access cards for the recreation center.


Residents are provided vehicle stickers and access cards for entry into the community. Please contact someone in field services at the District office to assist getting new or replacement stickers or cards at 407-566-1935 or 407-566-4122.

Common Area Landscaping

Full-service landscaping is provided for all the District’s common areas, including mowing and detailing turf areas, tree and shrub maintenance, mowing around lake banks, and irrigation reviews.

Aquatic Maintenance

The District provides maintenance of the stormwater retention ponds within the District, which includes spraying and hand removal to eradicate and control algae and other noxious species in the ponds and mowing around the lake banks.

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